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Department of Plant Pathology
Head : Dr. S.S. Sharma
Contact : 0294-2413612
Department at a glance
The discipline of plant pathology occupies a nucleus position in the domain of plant protection strategies. Consequently, the department was established in 1962 as a strong centre of plant pathology, which was inherited from state government Agriculture department. There has been tremendous progress of this department in the areas of teaching, research and extension leaving indelible impact in academic. None the less, 190 M. Sc. and 80 Ph.D. students received training form the department who are serving in various high positions in different parts of the country and world. The department has a strong faculty of teachers specializing in sub disciplines like biochemical basis of pathogenesis with special reference to bacterial and viral diseases, maize pathology , sorghum pathology, seed pathology, fungal pathology, disease management and mushroom technology etc. The erstwhile professors Drs. N. Prasad and R. Prasada founded a professional society (ISMPP) in the year 1970 and publication of journal begun in 1971,which now enjoys the reputation of an international society. The society publisher journal of mycology and plant pathology (three issues in a year), ISMPP news letter and Annual review of plant pathology. the society has organised 27 annual conferences at different places, 1st global conference in 1995 and Asian congress during 2002 at Udaipur and Mysore. Now, the society is going to organize 2nd global conference at Udaipur during 25-29 November,2005 coinciding with the centenary year of plant pathology in India and the golden jubilee celebrations of RCA. (

The department is well developed and fully equipped with the facilities of UG , PG and Ph.D. teaching and research in the various sub disciplines of Plant Pathology. The faculty of department has developed some advance laboratories in the areas of molecular basics of pathogenesis, virology, bacteriology , biological control and mushroom technology etc. for which funds arrived through research projects. The department is actively associated with-various extension programme of the university on the management of different crop diseases of Rajasthan.