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Department of Plant Physiology
Head : Dr. K.B. Shukla
Contact : 0294-2417374(PP)
Department at a glance
Plant Physiology as an independent department came in to existence in 1982. As present the major activities in the department are to impart teaching to studente of B.Sc. (Ag.) and Post graduate Students offering the Plant Physiology courses of their utility as one of the course. The department has organised national seminar on "Plant physiology at interface of Agri-Horticulture in 2000.4

The department has well equipped laboratory devoted to conduct physiological experiments for U.G. and P.G. programmes. Tissue culture laboratory to conduct the experiments and to train the students in bio techniques. The instruments like S.S. porometer, UV Spectro photometer, point potentiometer are available for students.